It all began with beads

I've purchased beads over the years and have woven them into xmas ornaments. Many years ago I found chainmaille and started making items for myself and family. I bought a pricey jump ring maker and I sold rings and kits to help other discover the joy of weaving rings.

Now I have found wire wrapping, I think the search is over for finding the perfect spot for me... at least for now! Wire wrapping just gives me lots of artistic freedom without HOURS of work, like beading and chainmaille. I live and breath to make each item.

Every year I strive to refine my wire skills. I continuously work to make my items feel like little works of art. I want each item to be treasured and kept as a heirloom to be passed down to the next generation.

I have started including items wrapped in 14k solid gold!!! SO EXCITING!!!
For those times when you just need the best of the best!!

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